Dream Fades To Life

My name’s Robert Calcagno, a freelance visual artist based in Los Angeles.  I received my MFA in Animation at USC in 2014 and while my focus was in visual effects and compositing, I find myself drawn to visual music and intend to focus my creative energy in exploring new and interesting ways to bring music, color, and light to life.

I am always up for collaboration, so by all means, feel free to contact me through my assortment of social media accounts.  I’ve discovered this perplexing website called Tumblr so any help with that would be dynamite.

Below are my two reels: one focusing more so on graphic design and tracking and the other involving more creative dimensional content.

For a breakdown of my visual art videos, click the link here, https://vimeo.com/61568995, or just visit my Vimeo page.