Conquis was my MFA Thesis Film during my time at USC.  In order to graduate, we had to take all of the different techniques we learned and create a short film that exemplified our learning experience.  Under the tutelage of Michael Fink, Mike Patterson, and my comrades at USC, I wanted to create an action film that still functioned as an art film, using light and color as a means of expressing combat.

The entire experience of creating this film was extremely satisfying and I feel it really pushed me as an artist and as a filmmaker.  It demonstrates that my creative aesthetic can be applied to not just a narrative film, but one of mythical proportions.  I also had the fortune of having an outstanding crew for the live-action segments, which allowed me to focus my attention on creating a dynamic and vibrant environment.

The film premiered along with other MFA Thesis films at a special screening in November 2014.  As I am currently submitting it to festivals, it unfortunately requires a password to watch (certain stipulations and requirements and whatnot).

If you would like to watch, just contact me and I’d be happy to oblige.  Here is some stills from the final version however, starring Jane Kim as the wounded warrior Halosi and Talyn Edelson as the ethereal spirit Protez, both of whom were spectacular to work with.

Sequence 01.00_02_04_02.Still008 Sequence 01.00_00_06_17.Still009 Sequence 01.00_00_27_07.Still010 Sequence 01.00_01_29_00.Still007 Sequence 01.00_02_05_18.Still018 Sequence 01.00_02_27_08.Still020 Sequence 01.00_01_04_23.Still004 Sequence 01.00_03_11_11.Still024

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